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"You deserve to feel this good"


  • Pam, you're a very talented massage therapist! I can't wait for my next appointment with you!
  • Fantastic experience! Very relaxing and therapeutic at the same time! Would highly recommend!
  • This was my first visit to Pam Darling Massage & I was very satisfied !!!
  • I liked the lighting and temperature, and Pam was approachable and professional. I felt relaxed and at peace during the appointment.
  • Best massage I have ever had!
  • I prefer a strong Shiatsu massage and Pam listens and relates to her clients preferences. She is extremely professional and experienced. Yes, a "tailored" massage. An art. Thank you Pam!
  • Great experience
  • Loved the entire experience!
  • Pam does a great job listening to and addressing the specific areas that need attention.
  • It was a wonderful massage.
  • Love your new location. Lovely calm environment for a fantastic massage experience.
  • Very skilled and professional. I have been looking for a quality local person.
  • The only thing I didn't like is the 90-minutes ended! darn it!
  • Massage was very relaxing.Heating pads are a nice added touch.
  • I was very grateful that Pam responded to my needs immediately! She seemed to know exactly what my body needed intuitively. Wonderful massage!
  • What’s not to like?! 100% every moment was professional and amazing. Excellent work Pam darling, two thumbs up. And she’s a nice person to boot.
  • Pam is a very intuitive massage therapist. Her thoughtfulness and extra details make her massage experience outstanding! I highly recommend Pam!
  • Best massage therapist I have ever experienced!!!- Pam has an exceptional ability in finding all the areas of your body that need tension released and adept intuitive sense for using the perfect amount of pressure to give you blissful relief and deepest relaxation.
  • Pam has expertise in many aspects of massage therapy. She determines needs and utilizes techniques to greatly improve my bodily health.
  • Pam cares and wants to create effective change in terms of your body's pain. She is thoughtful and highly skilled with her craft. I am seeing her again in 2 weeks! A great person and an amazing massage!
  • I would definitely recommend
  • I had told Pam about my past horrible experiences of massage therapists talking throughout my massage. She did not talk during my wonderful massage, and it was like night and day.
  • Like that she is in the building I work in. She was able find the trouble areas and really work them out.
  • The massage was wonderful. Pam has a deep level of understanding of the body. She is very attentive and honors the clients wishes.
  • It was an extremely exceptional experience. She is very intuitive, knowledgable, and creates an atmosphere of healing.
  • Pam is amazing! Massage was better than I expected,
  • Highly recommend Pam...very knowledgeable and skilled! You won't be disappointed
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