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Amazing Soap Works natural soaps for sale

A wide selection of affordable all-natural specialty bar soaps that are uniquely formulated to help people cope with their particular skin sensitivities. All are made of honest and truly natural ingredients that are Mother Nature approved.

  * Aloe Vera & Vitamin E is a pure vegetable soap that is lightly scented. Helps to heal and soothe skin; perfect for skin irritations like sunburns. A great all-purpose soap, suitable for all skin types.

  * Coal Tar is an old fashioned soap recipe with the traditional Coal Tar ingredient.  Recommended to treat seborrhea, psoriasis, eczema, scabies and ring worm.

  * Creamy Clay is an all vegetable bar made with bentonite clay, which absorbs excess oil and sebum on the skin. Helps maintain natural moisture in the skin, cleans and tones all skin types; ideal for acne-prone skin.

  * Emu Oil is made with 100% pure emu oil, a penetrating natural emollient for soothing dry skin. For dry, irritated or damaged skin.

  * Olive Oil is a luxurious unscented, all-vegetable bar anointed with olive oil. This bar is rich in linoleic fatty acids and vitamins that help smooth and soften the skin.

  * Pumice is an all-vegetable bar that contains finely ground pumice grit that works to gently remove calluses. This bar is an excellent way to clean dirty hands without the use of harsh cleansing agents.

  * Shea Butter is a  version of the famous Black Soap originally from Africa, that incorporates shea butter and charred plantain skins. The shea butter is for moisturizing the skin and the plantain acts as a gentle exfoliator. Ideal for sensitive skin and adult acne.

  * Vegetable Glycerine is an all-vegetable bar that has no perfumes, deodorants, preservatives, detergents, or coloring. Lathers easily and rinses completely. This bar contains absolutely no coconut; perfect for sensitive skin and those with fragrance allergies.

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